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Let’s ponder on Owen Pallett and how weird his live performances are. Dude can find ways to play a violin that I never thought would be possible, and he can manage to take a coffee break in the middle of a song.

Watch him here.


Khoshekh! So we met her at the signing line today at at the TAH/WtNV crossover show (where she brought an equally impressive Croach puppet).

Oh yes.

So this just popped up on my computer.

Any vacation with kids is really not a vacation, it’s just parenting in a different location.

— Paul Armstrong, Pixel Recess (“Episode #16 — Rogie King Doesn’t Like German Urine”)

My supercomputer is so fast, it clicks on things before I do!

— One joke that’s stuck in my head from computer camp, 2008.

Walked by this house — dude lit his front yard like a stadium.

Someone in my neighborhood drives a Lotus. Oh man.


Light Barrier

Open air art installation by Kimchi and Chips produces geometric forms in air with an array of computer controlled mirrors and lights - video embedded below:

Kimchi and Chips create phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams with their work Light Barrier, 2014. The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time.

A fascination with natural light drove the technique of the impressionist painters, they explored new qualities of colour and the trail of time. Kimchi and Chips’ study of digital light discusses a new visual mechanic, their installation adding to the visual language of space and light. As the artist’s inquiry deepens, brush strokes become descriptive like code, detailing reality and allying light with canvas.

You can find out more background about the project at Creative Applications here


Gah how endearingly awkward.