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Wanted to see how far I could get

From /r/Aviation on reddit.

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Let’s ponder on Owen Pallett and how weird his live performances are. Dude can find ways to play a violin that I never thought would be possible, and he can manage to take a coffee break in the middle of a song.

Watch him here.


Khoshekh! So we met her at the signing line today at at the TAH/WtNV crossover show (where she brought an equally impressive Croach puppet).

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Oh yes.

So this just popped up on my computer.

Any vacation with kids is really not a vacation, it’s just parenting in a different location.

— Paul Armstrong, Pixel Recess (“Episode #16 — Rogie King Doesn’t Like German Urine”)

My supercomputer is so fast, it clicks on things before I do!

— One joke that’s stuck in my head from computer camp, 2008.

Walked by this house — dude lit his front yard like a stadium.

Someone in my neighborhood drives a Lotus. Oh man.